Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Best Decision for Election 2016

Monday, on our way home from our mini-family vacation; my wife and I lost time discussing President Obama, the Presidential election process and Decision 2016. In 2008, my wife asked me “why would you vote for a “white” woman with emotional difficulties versus a “black” man with legitimate views?” Hilary Clinton was my choice, for my first Presidential Election. To me, she was this great woman, who overcame a tremendous slap in the face, from her own husband and continues to overcome great barriers. Before; I am black, before; I am a millennial, before anything else – I’m a woman and to have a woman in control of the greatest nation in the world, meant a lot. Regardless of her views, I was voting for her. Also, around this time, I also begin reading and researching history and information that I was not taught in school. I begin learning more and more about black people and honestly I became a little angry at white people. I changed my vote in 2008, 97% because I was angry at white people and I wanted the first black President, regardless. As time moved on, the mask of hatred for white people left. I was no longer, am no longer upset with a race of people. I do not dislike anyone because of what they look like or the color of their skin. When it came time to vote for President again, I didn’t feel like Obama had enough time to give us the things he promised us and I wanted to believe in him. Politics’ and the government was becoming more and more damaged and I wanted to believe.

                When I checked that box for President Obama, 2012 – I believed in “Change”. I believed that he would make a difference for “normal” people; NOT black people but, people. I believed that he would decrease the huge divide between “us” and the rich and powerful. I trusted that he would require his peers to answer our questions and give us the truth. I believed he would design a healthcare system that worked for “us” and not hurt us – as it was already doing. I believed that he would require standards and accept nothing less – that he would end this ridiculous war; or at least try too. He has done nothing but conform to other’s opinion of him and their expectation. He was a great man and something happened to him and he has become so small. I have more respect for the current First Lady of the United States than, I do of the current President of the United States. Every bill or issue that he has placed across the table has hurt “us”. The increase tax on the businesses that make 250,000 dollars a year or more – how can they give someone an opportunity when they are getting screwed by the government? These same companies, will hire people that they do not have to put on the books and those that will work for nothing. Obamacare; makes me really sad! You don’t publicize healthcare for all citizens, which provides them great service for free or at a minimum fee – NO! You create a requirement and layout some minimal standards for the private companies and then add on a tax for those who still can’t afford the healthcare.

                It breaks my heart, knowing that I contributed to voting this man, into this office. I fail for the okkie-dok! And now the time has come to vote in another Jekyll. My anger is not all placed on President Obama, oh no, every President going back, a long time, has ran a completely different race then their actual presidency. We should vote for the person with the least opportunity to do harm. The guy or gal with the best swag is probably not the best option – the Casanova of the race should not get your vote. But, then again it doesn’t really matter who we vote for, they are all fighting or working with a corrupt system. By the time we got near our home, we both agreed to sit this one out. Unless we were to wake up and every person in some position of power – no longer was in that position; we will be on the side lines. We are exercising our right to vote and choosing to, not. I cannot live with another decision, like Obama and not one person running in the current race, show’s anything different. The only person who I can even stand to listen too, I wouldn’t want to be the president of my neighborhood watch. Donald Trump, is not the next President of the United States and if by chance he becomes the President, were going to shit.

                Hilary Clinton is the same woman she was almost eight years ago and I definitely do not want a President that does not change. She has not shown any growth or difference in her actions or her views, since 2008; hell since 1994. Jeb Bush; is a Bush, period. He was raised by the same person who raised George W. His father was bff’s with Saddam. I do not know one thing about his view’s – never took the time to listen to him speak however; I do know that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. And by all accounts – this one is his father’s child. We should not elect him; the same reason we didn’t re-elect his father for a second term and the reason why majority of us live with the mistake of voting his brother in, twice. The other candidate’s do not really stand a chance, unless someone else step’s up to the plate or something drastic happens.

We need to take a few seconds and really think about Decision 2016. This time, do not think about what benefits you directly – think about your country. People who own companies; if you vote for someone after your interest alone, you’ll be hurting the people who spend their money at your stores. If you hurt them, you eventually hurt yourself. Those of us, who work for a living, stop thinking about what benefits you can get from “them”. This country was built on the idea of working for a living – creating your own destiny – do that? Stop voting for someone who is willing to give you something, at the cost of everything! Those of you who choose not to vote, because you do not care enough too; care enough too! Care about tomorrow a little bit more than you do and it won’t be so bad, when it gets here. Think about the options that you are giving up by choosing not to care. They WORK FOR US! We have to require them to do right BY US! WE DESERVE EQUALITY AND RESPECT AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS!  #Vote4life2016; not for self! 

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