Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Y should I be ok?!

Yesterday,  a new life came into the world - my niece?!?!?!

Knowing all that I know I don't want to leave any questions about my position; I don't claim her! I don't have room in my life for someone else's mistakes! Not only does she not look like my family but, unless they changed the time a woman  actually is pregnant or unless DC Jail allowed my brother to mail sperm home he didn't help conceive this child! 

Let's do a biological study - the baby was due in the month of June, which means the conception date was in August and my brother was in jail until September. Ill wait - you do the math! 

I can appreciate my brother wanting a child and wanting to be there but, I can't understand the lies!  Why would a woman lie about something like this. These are the type of decisions that give woman a bad reputation.  We have to make better choices for our children and for those that grow up watching us. When we choose to ruin someone's life with a deep lie we choose to determine our own damage future. 

Think about the choices you make and the people you evoke hurt upon! 

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