Tuesday, September 27, 2016

10 Things I Hate About U; America

         At its current position America has destroyed three major nations; killed its citizens, destroyed its governments and abandon them after the task was accomplished. There was a moment in time, where one could smile bright and represent its home land and now, citizens are hiding their ID’s and moving off the grid. The beauty that once held this nation together is slowly returning and it is the duty of citizens to share their knowledge with their fellow man; and implement change. As the introduction to “Awaking up America”, here are the, Ten Things I Hate about You; America,

1)      America; lacks Loyalty
a.       As the economy is changing all across the world, America has lost most, if not all its power and influence; as the greatest nation, known to man. America the beauty; has become, America the bully. Sending all the great jobs; many of the citizens came to America for, overseas; to supply a decreasing, price in production to “Big Business”. The American government has chosen money and power over humanity, love and loyalty to its citizens. According to CNN.com, over 3,000 American Companies have shipped jobs overseas, for cheap labor.

2)      Their clear, disregard for honesty;
a.       Every few years or so, the American people are bombarded with stories from past times in the nation’s history, where the “Powers that be” lied to implement or conduct some form of treason, without recognition. The sneaky, over exaggerating lies, disdain for the respect of its people and the galls to implement actions that incredibly, directly go against the constitution of the republic. False Flag’s are one way America has lied to its citizens and done nothing to fix it; Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, The Cold War, The Vietnam War and most recently; the Iraq and Afghanistan Freedom Mission. Recently, The Free Thought Project.com released an article about the newly discovered Israeli False Flag Attack, from the 1960’s.

3)      Financial ignorant
a.       There is no way, which this nation is going to get out of the financial crisis it currently has; without change, of everything. After numerous presidents have come and gone, the budget and the financial system has been shot- there is only one, documented moment in American history, when we were debt free; 1/8/1835 and it was executed by then President Andrew Jackson.

4)      Hidden Agenda’s
a.       In the early 1900’s America, was booming through the industrial revolution and things were beginning to look up until; they begin to implement their plan; at hand. The American Government begins implementing dangerous ideas, disease and crime to its citizens by way, of manipulation; such as “Vaccinations and AIDS testing; with still does not have a “standard test”; Planned Parenthood and Catholic Charities; heroin and the Drug cartels. There are numerous articles and videos via YouTube to explain this, to its fullest. One particular, is called, “Black Genocide: The truth About the White Man’s Burden”. It speaks about the creation and development of the American Eugenics Movement and the American Birth Control movement, which worked together to decrease the population of African-Americans and later changed their name too; that’s right- “Planned Parenthood”. If the video does not do justice; check out the “10-Eye-Opening Quotes from Margaret Sanger”, creator of two of the three companies, listed above: on LifeNews.com.

5)      Disregard for Humanity
a.       The FDA, who “works for the people” has contained to allow America’ government and “Big Business” to use chemicals that are deadly; such as toothpaste, led filled water, glued-together “fake” pork or steak meats and hormone elements. Pesticide vegetables, disease, drugs, physical and mental abused at the hands of those you’re taught to look to for leadership. You can check out a You Tube video; “Fake Meat: The meat Glue Secret” or you can goggle Monsanto and I’m pretty sure everything that comes up will shock you, to the core; if not visit this site below…

6)      Neglect to its Veterans
a.       You can go into any major city and find thousands of homeless veterans, from Iraq, the Gulf War and even some from Vietnam. These citizens risked everything to fight for their country but, are still being left behind and thrown away; click the link below for statistics. They are denied assistance and given no respect, empathy or consideration. The congress and the president get paid salary; which by the way- is illegal. Congress representatives are not to be paid-only the president. Ridiculous sums of money, is paid to these people and not once has anyone, came out of their pockets; with their stolen money, to help these veterans. They turn right around and “put their friends on.” They create non-profit organizations that are paid by governmental contracts or grants, and mask the agency, of whom expected to help its citizens provide assistance; hence, the CIA (America’s Government Mafia), Planned Parenthood (America’s genocide protestors) Christian Coalition & Catholic Charities (Governmentally funded organizations, that provide no assets to the nation or its citizens. Personally, I have seen numerous video’s that support, the “CIA Mafia”; you can copy and paste, CIA Mafia into YouTube and you have a lot of work ahead. My favorite video, it’s in two parts: “JFK Assassination FB Conspiracy Mob Mafia Oswald CIA American Expose Who Murdered JFK 4”

7)      Federal Reserve Scam
a.       You may think that the Federal Reserve Bank which, creates, operate and manages American citizens, governments and the nation finances; is a Federal Agency. Well think again. A privately owned corporation, with no legal connection to America; or does America have jurisdiction over it. There are numerous people that will say they know this however; they believe it’s not that big of a deal and I am saddened to say that this information-cannot go over your heads. They are stealing from us; on so many levels, also, visit federalreserve.gov and read the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. The link below, is a YouTube video that can explain in detail; “The Biggest Scam in the History of Mankind-Who Owns the Federal Reserve? Hidden Secrets of Money 4”

8)      Self-governing, Government
a.       After 9/11/01 family members of those lost that day, came out in disbelief and asked our government to conduct an investigation into the destruction of the Twin Towers. Majority of the people who lead the investigation, were friends and /or former colleagues of political figures, at the time. The government also allowed, the President and the Vice President (at the time; 2001) to provide testimony regarding 9/11; in closed circuitry and not on record. I am not sure if the website plays the entire movie but, you can watch the entire movie on YouTube; 9/11: Press for Truth (Documentary Film 2006). These women, will changed what you thought or believe-heartfelt. 

9)      Racial Divides
a.       The history of racism in America has not gone on death ear, not to mention every year; citizens are reminded during Black History Month. The African-American citizens, feel they have to fight for everything they want. It’s been the tradition, in America; some may say. White Americans, on the other hand; can’t understand why and how it (racism) is still an issue. Neither understands the divide this emotional topic brings into the nation and how it affects morale. The hidden agenda is working on over load currently; to get the pull they need to implement their system that would further divide, American citizens. And this time, it won’t be due to race. The racist are divided, as it is; there is no need to worry about everyone coming together to fight, because they have implemented, divide and conquer; example “Black Lives Matter.” The video liked above for; number four (4) also discuss this connection.

10)   Weapon of Mass Destruction, was never in Iraq!
a.       No matter what is done, no matter how much information or technology one has- these evil people who are manipulating, the governments and political parties; will fall. The government governs by consent- American citizens need to know that they are authorizing these people to ruin their and their children’s lives; along with their beloved country. Your consent-is the Weapon of Mass Destruction, which needs to be put into place.  America is the land of the great and the home of the brave and as long as there are concerned citizens, still breathing- we will see America again; in all her glory and shine! No specific link or video for this, this is solely my #10. I believe that with all the information at our hands, today via the internet- it is only our fault that we are still in the dark for truth. No longer can we use “I do not know” as an excuse. The truth is always, right in your face and the only thing is, we believe everything; only on the surface. Thought provokes change and change comes, first from within. “We need to get to a time when the simplicities of Life; intertwine with the complexity of technology and humanity…” Crissie W. They always say, history repeats itself…

 “….We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with  certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Government are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,--That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it and it institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness….” America’s Fore Father’s