Monday, July 20, 2015

Top Five Pick - Top New Stories of the Week!!


Number Five Bill Cosby is a Rapist *

      Majority, if not all of the news broadcasting stations are discussing this as a top three story and it’s been driving me crazy! Who didn’t know that there was something wrong with Bill Cosby? He is a very rude and arrogant man and has been, all my life so, what was expected when this news came to light? If you’re not aware; supposedly Bill Cosby raped quite a few woman; a while back. The woman are speaking years later about these tragic moment/moments in their lives and the media is eating it up. Most recently a deposition came out, regarding a case that was sealed from 2005 with an alleged victim and Mr. Cosby. He admits to having some form of sexual activity with this woman and drugging her to make her comfortable. Not his words!

     It’s not really news; he shouldn’t be taking up this much time of our news broadcasting! There is actual, things happening in the world that affects us all. Bill Cosby deserves whatever the Universe has for him; Karma is a bitch. I do not know if everything is true or false, my concern is that this is news in the first place. He did what he did to these woman in the past and he should pay but, who is to say what that payment should be. Ultimately he pays an ultimate price to someone bigger than all of us. Next!

Number Four Donald Trump and his trash mouth

      How do I put this politely; he’s a dick. Do we really expect him to have respect for John McCain, let alone people? He is a pretentious dick that always rattle’s our feather’s months before the election and then does nothing. He stated - not a direct quote “John McCain, is not a war hero. Well, he was captured so he is a war hero”. Now, let’s discuss John McCain for a moment; he is the same guy that was captured by Vietnam and was known as a rat. I have no control over who is considered a Hero or not but, in my book he is not a hero. For America, I think that is to be determined. He has yet to do anything to make this world a truly better place; another veteran politician abusing power.

     Donald Trump was not wrong in what he said at all however; who really cares. His opinion is just his opinion. If he makes it anywhere in this presidential election – it will be a surprise for me. I believe deep down he is a noble person but, as I’ve said before I do not believe no person running; as of yet, can do the job “we” as American’s need done in the White House. He is saying what a lot of people wants to say but, the media make’s him out to be this tool for speaking his mind. Yes, he is a dick. I expect him to be a dick but, I do not expect my news reporters to take the story to this level, again it’s not news. Next!

Number Three The Israel Deal!

     First, off my television has been on the news all day; partially tuning in on The Talk and The Real but, CCN; HLN and FOX – yes Fox has been on my TV and the only place that I heard anything about this deal was through my “new” subscription to The New York Times. The Iran Deal – The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is basically a breakdown of our Five+ countries that decides how one country should run or control their weapons and/or oil, etc. manufacturing, distribution, etc. It lays out a structural plan over at least twenty years of how Iran is to conduct all these things, with restrictions and monitoring by these plus five countries.

      This is an ongoing topic for The Rude Diary, it’s important because it explains everything about how we operate as a Country. This deal is a contract for us; as a nation along with a few other’s to control one country and you wonder why they are so angry and they continue to disrespect countries and “terrorize” them. I am not the president; not by any means am I qualified to become the president but, I do understand business and I understand life, liberty and respect. This deal is not a good deal by any means. We need to be talking about that – and asking the real questions of our politicians.

Number Two What is the Stand on the War?!

     I guess everyone is ok with the War in Iraq, on Terror – or whatever it’s called? No one seems to be asking the easy questions. Everyone is interested in asking the tough questions, which has absolutely nothing to do with being a president. Who gives a crap if Hilary Clinton sent or didn’t delete emails? Clearly not me, because I do not know the story but, the point is – is the next president going to end this war? This war that is costing us so much money we decided to legalize marijuana. A war that has caused a major, major rift in so many homes and lives because of displacement. A war that has struck pain in many hurts because of lost. When does this end – what is going to be next for us? I do not want to live in a Country that is too poor to survive.

     Just like this Iran Deal, why are we not asking these candidates about ending the War? When do we bring out troops home – seriously, bring them home for good and not a few of them for a while. When can we go to sleep in our beds, that we pay a lot of money for and know that our Country is not going to be under attack because our policy maker’s decided to tell another Country want to do? This War needs to be over and I need someone to answer my question – how do you plan to bring every single troop home and end this pointless war?

Number One The news that is no longer NEWS!

        What’s happening to the Freddie Gray case? What about the Amtrak crash in Philadelphia two months ago? What are they doing about the consistent racism in America? So, as it stands Amtrak doesn’t have an official decision on what happened during the Amtrak incident. A tragic moment in our nation’s history and it is totally swept under the rug. No, one has presented any factual evidence about the accident. The driver was speeding but, I’m 100% sure that he speeds everyday taking that route and nothing ever happened. Will this be a government cover up? Something additional happened out there that night that is not being told to America and Crystal is on the case. I hate lies and it just doesn’t make any sense that this guy would derail the train that he drives all the time without any outside influences. He was not drinking, not texting, not doing anything out of the ordinary. He was not crazy, not taking any drugs or trying to commit suicide. A tragic accident or some sort of conspiracy? No one is providing that information to us at this moment – I’ll wait.

      Freddie Gray and many other African-American people have been killed by the police in America and the police have always gotten away with it. In some form or another. The issue in this story isn’t just that they killed Freddie Gray, it’s that they killed him and is totally disregarding the situation; as they always do. The six police officer’s that has been charged in the murder of Freddie Gray, are all at home while this situation is going on. The first thing that makes a difference; the officers are charged with murder and they are at home. If this was a person other than a police – they would be in jail. I do not care if they are considered to be “doing their job” - civilians are always presumed guilty until innocent. Why is the law “innocent until proven guilty” only awarded to the rich, famous, politicians and law enforcement? Police brutality is true; it is the cornerstone for so many ghetto’s and under privileged neighborhood or communities in America. The only information available, regarding this case is local news, The Baltimore Sun - it states, yesterday that the defense is requesting the trial is relocated. Why, Baltimore will convict them; well those are their peer’s correct? Why would you move the case from where it begin? A fair trial is with a jury of their peer’s – the only people that receive and can actually attend jury duty, are stand up citizens that go to work every day; abide by the laws of the land and trust in our government and judicial system (to a point). Isn’t that the life of police officer’s so, why would this trial be unfair? This is ridiculous!

       Black Lives Matter, Muslim Lives Matter, Jewish Lives Matter, White Lives Matter, Chinese Lives Matter… and so on, and so on! The guy that shot the Marine’s, yes he was a Muslim but, that doesn’t only defined him. They are quick to tie him to his religion or race, just as they do with many other people and it doesn’t define who we are. I am not Crystal W because I’m black. Some people do use their race or religion but, not everyone. Let’s try to do something. Let’s try and publish stories without commenting on their race unless, their race becomes the reason for the crime. We have to stop making things more of an issue then it is and people can move on and grow. Race is a very touchy topic; it gets people to their core and it makes them feel defensive. Until we know the truth about race and its origin, we will forever have the story of the past. That consistently reminds us of lesser than or greater than people – just because of race. The more it is taught to us, in school, in the media, and in church – the more were ingrained with the dreadful history of race, slavery and persecution. We need to figure out how to deal with and accept the truth of the past and make light of a greater future – where it doesn’t matter.

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