Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I'm a Black Jew!

     Not the only black Jewish person. In fact I believe the original Jew's were black, I think I may be leaning towards Judaism. Christianity is breaking me down.

     How many stories have you heard or read about, where someone does not believe or live “right by God” and becomes converted. What do they convert; why must you go through a transformation- to live right? Why do you “need Jesus” to believe in something bigger than you and I. Why is there a wrong and a right when someone beliefs are involved; what are all the additional expectations for?
Raised in the church, teaches you the rules and lays the ground work, for a life “living right by God and accepting him in your life as your savior”. I’m talking every day of the week church. Only church music allowed, prayer cloths worn on your head in “the house of God”. We went to bible study, Wednesday night prayer service and every week there was a revival of some kind. I have an understanding; I know the bible; not like the people who wrote it but, I know it. I understand what is expected of me as a Christian. I understand what is expected of me “living right by God” and all the things I do living a life as a sinner. What I don’t understand is all the unanswered questions. First, how can you adjust rules or create rules and demoralize someone because they don’t fit or adjust well to the new rules. Like committing adultery or incest. Both are demoralized by the Bible and the Christian faith but, all originated in their religion. How did the earth reproduce if people wasn’t having sex with their mother’s fathers or sister’s and brother’s? Time and time again people say to me; Crystal that was so long ago, how was the earth going to grow if we didn’t do those things. And my statement is, that’s not the point. I don’t condone someone sleeping with a married person or their family however; people who do believe these things shouldn’t be condemned because they do believe. Where is the respect or the acceptance in the Christianity faith?

     Then, there’s the question of his “only begotten son”; according to the story “he”, created Adam and Eve and we’re all his children. How is Jesus his only begotten son; because he made him inside of a woman and not out of dirt, as Adam and Eve? But he makes us out of women; he brings us all to life and breath’s life into us. They say, thank God for waking you up every morning and breathing air into your body. He gives us every day; is that just a fable or is it true, because if it’s true then we’re all his “begotten children”. Is Jesus just a really special person that the writers of the bible decides to make him this grand person? Jesus could just as well be, as normal as you and I but, with great characteristic’s like Michael Jackson. Yes; I’m comparing Michael Jackson to Jesus Christ. Michael has millions and millions of followers; millions and millions of people that believe in everything he did and people that would follow him to the ends of the earth. That’s a lot of similarities.

     What is the connection to histories recorded first civilization? Did biblical folks living with dinosaurs; were they before or after dinosaurs. The bible never discuss anything in science from the big bang to anything that makes since and the same thing with science. It never mentions anything dealing with biblical historical facts. Where is the connection; or are these two different worlds- when does one time end and the other begin. And where does this make any sense?

      I believe-I believe in life! I believe there is a higher power; man, woman or thing. The Universe-Infiniti- the ultimate grand supreme; mightier than you and I and with a plan just as grand. What majority of us refer to as God; now where on the same page with that. The person - the idea of an ultimate being and belief in the greatest love of all. The problems begin with the stories, Jesus and all the rules to follow, to be accepted in a place where the thing that should only matter is if you believe in God; but everything else matter’s first. Specifically, are you following our set of rules and are you doing what we taught you to do, say and think. That is why I have an interest in practicing Judaism. Their belief in one God, one ultimate is what matter’s and what makes the most sense. Muslim’s are to angry, Christian’s have entirely to many rules, Buddhism - not really sure but, I didn’t feel any connection when I begin to research the religion, period and Catholic’s well it’s the same as Christian but, they have an entirely different belief system. The circle of these religions all really tie into Judaism but, branch off because different people had different views and gathered a bunch of followers to spread the word. I believe in God and I have faith in the grand design. I have faith in the love that I carry. I have faith in myself and my family and so much more. I’m not an atheist- nothing wrong with those who are but, faith is true and pure and it never fails you. It’s the questions, I can’t get past. How can I learn and grow if I don’t get clarity on the things that I do not understand or quite necessary agree with. Confusion if not a good state to be in. And to believe in everything that the church system has created or stands for is a ball of confusion; unless you don’t ask questions and be a puppet.

     When we didn’t understand dinosaurs; when we couldn’t trace DNA, before we could us cell phones; we asked questions and found the answers; but we can’t have questions about religion. And the thing is it really doesn’t have to make sense, faith doesn’t make sense. We won’t understand everything or have reason for everything but, the foundation of the church system is cracking. On top of everything else we need to fix in this world; the church system is one. The things that it is allowed to do it is ridiculous! It condemns our children to believe they are bad or going to hell and affects their entire life in many harmful ways. It requires people to turn on their love one’s and anyone out of the group and it has no limits to what it is allowed to do or say and not be condemned. It is another system that needs change or deletion!

          Ask questions-get clarity if you need or want it. Don’t’ believe in faith with an asterisk! 

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