Monday, May 2, 2016

Why YOU SHOULD vote for Trump

We all know that September 11, 2001 was a 
“false flag” attack on American Citizens.  Sure, call me what you want and ignore that this is happening now and always have.  1941, Japan unleashed an all-out SURPRISE ATTACK at American citizens, on American soil.  A few days before Pearl Harbor, our then US President Eisenhower, ignored the warnings from Japan.  US CIA or intelligence agencies provided the President with detail information regarding an attack, from Japan on American soil.  President L B Johnson created a fake event in 1964 to create reason for Americans to enter the Vietnam War.  Now that it is years after the event, politicians working for the government, in the 60’s, all will tell you, yes.  They will admit the Vietnam War and the World War II involvement, set up by our government.  These people where called “conspiracy theorist” because, they shared information about the government, which the public was not to know and killed for that.  Somehow, it is a different story; or is it? Today their called whistle blowers and are promised safety.  They are no longer afraid to come forward, they were afraid to come forward, while this situation was taking place.  They completed the task, no matter how horrible, because their threaten.  I call BS, if you do not know these men, please look them up; Alex Jones and William Cooper.     

Bombarded with information about how corrupt the government is, even the politicians that continue to work for them will admit that our systems are corrupt.  However, does nothing to combat or fix the system.  How does a committee of elected officials; chosen by American citizens, allow seven men, to make decisions to drastically affect American citizens – and the only combat you have is to vote against?  How does a set of highly intelligent, extremely determine well-rounded individuals, who maintains the overall justice for America and its citizens, decide to give the Presidency to a man that did not win by votes.  Why is it that you can go to a country with, no running water and encounter happier people, than those back at home?  We are the richest country in the world, or use to be however; we were not and we still are not happy – not as individuals nor a country.  You know, people in other countries, laugh at us.  They think we are complete jokes because we have to know that this information, presented is fake or downright false.  Over the last 15-17 years, over 3,000 scientist were killed, die from suicide or accidental deaths; they were all speaking out of global warming.  It is a shame and they lost their life for this campaign against our life support, carbon.  Explain to me this, oil, the thing we use to heat up everything in our life; is provided to us naturally – all you have to do is get it from the grown.  How can one stake claim to a natural resource?  Water for instance, it is provided to us through the creation of this world, how can man, stake claim to a certain section of it?  If you make a set of jars using the oil, sure sale it; maybe you made a sweet tea using the water; great sale it but, that water is not yours. 

You ask why is this information important, because, if there is one 
thing, we have learned as Americans, it is no trusting politicians, yet still we do.  Repeatedly, we believe they will change something 
that will make a real effect on American lives.  Repeatedly they 
push the interest of their friends, who are other politicians in 
different arenas, and deny the constant disregard for human 
rights and citizenship in America.  

These same people are still playing to get in our white house, Sanders, Cruz, and Clinton.  They are so gun hoe to become the next President, they can taste it, is so close.  Politicians who for, the last at least 10 years, has allowed treason.  In addition, they will continue to maintain these actions, if/once elected into primary office.  Do not disregard this information or any information presented to you, that maybe too hard to believe. 

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