Sunday, May 8, 2016

Missing Your Mother? Me Too!

       Today, in almost 46 countries across the world, it is Mother’s Day. However; the majority of the remaining countries are in a normal day because they have either, already celebrated Mother’s Day or it has not come up yet. In America, where I live, it is Mother’s Day and my plan to escape this month, has not begin on a great note. Maybe I should move to, Ireland or the United Kingdom, that way, the day everyone celebrates Mother’s Day, will no longer be in the same month as, my Mother’s birthday. Every May, since I could use my hands, I couldn’t wait for May to come and go. I was fine with celebrating Mother’s Day but, then as soon as I blink, I was at it again, planning something else to show my Mother, in one way, how much I adored her and appreciate her. My bank account cried every year on May 1st, then again on December 1st. It is not easy getting, through these Holiday's without my Mother but especially on Mother's Day. This Holiday, is about appreciating your Mother, while she is still on earth however;  Mother's Day was created by an American woman, who created the day to celebrate and mourn her deceased Mother. She boycotted the traditional Mother's Day, we have now.    

        A friend of mine said maybe someone would get touched by my words and I want to share. There is absolutely nothing, in this world could replace, the comfort that comes from your Mother. This is the person who made the decision, in her life, at that moment, to bring this gift to light. She is the one, who gave up, her youth, her figure, her peace of mind, her total freedom, her ability to be selfish, more than once or twice a year. She is the person that the “Most High” chose to contribute, you to society.  She is the one, that knows when you are hurt and you could try every trick in the book, to make her not worry about you but, she’s Santa. She knows when you are sleeping, she knows when you’re awake, and she knows when you’ve been bad or good. She feels the pain when you hurt; she dedicated her life, to ensure your happiness.  She is still her. She is somewhere watching over you and everything you do. That’s not something from a psychic or anything after death, it is true. It is a fact, which our souls do not die; it is clear in the fact of dreams. If you are in a complete sleep, you dream, and then after some time you wake up, well when you die, you just do not wake up. However; it is the flesh, the body of you that wakes up, you where never sleep. Sleep, is something you need to get, for your physical body – your soul does not rest – rest for what, why is it tried? No one ever say’s there soul is tired, unless they are about to die and in that case, it is because the flesh is becoming a little too much for them and they have to let it go. 

       My Mother and your Mother is out there, somewhere, watching us and loving us. She understands, the decisions you are making, she understands the hurt that you feel, when you have sad moments, she is there at those times, when you want her and need her there. Our souls know it but, the flesh needs reassuring – that is why some turn to mediums or meditation. The connection you have with your Mother is never broken! The connection never dies, because if it did, you would not here her in songs. If the connection left, you would be able to stand Mother’s Day without crying or taking a moment. You would not smell her at the weirdest time’s or swear you heard her response to a question you asked, maybe to yourself or aloud. You would not feel her presence when you are in a certain place or space. You’d feel complete, every moment of your life because you would not miss the beat; the beat of life that is consumed with “Mommies”.  If today, was the day, she left you in the flesh – it will not hurt as much, it may not sting as much after a while however; everything will be different. Not bad, different but, different and I also can tell you – YOU WILL GET THREW!! I do not care how long it has been or how long it may seem; you will always miss her and pause sometimes, to reflect the love you shared with one another. The best part is you will be able to ravish in the blessing of life, and her choice to bring you here and share this amazing world with you.

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