Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Racist White Lady, Teaching Black Students

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Last night, I had an entire melt-down because I and so many other “African-Americans” have to learn how to deal with race and racism as a whole and to do that; we have to remove personal feelings and opinions. We (Black People) have always been looked at as angry black people, looking for handouts. My entire life has been devoted to making sure I do not stand as an angry black woman however; it is never required, that whites should do the same- or at least, it’s not shown. No matter how upset they get- they are never seen as angry white people. I can cry and curse in a twitter post and everyone in America will see me as an angry black woman but, an author presenting as, Ms. Rosemary Pennington can post a rant that denotes black people in every way and yet no one views this author as a racist.  

The interest in this article stems from the idea that racism no longer exist and as, Blacks continue to fight this war; white people are allowed to defame us using “ghost writers” or deniability for accountability. Now, of course you’ll say, why were you trolling to find something to complain about and I say- I was not. Research is pointless if you cannot see both sides of the argument. Last night as I begin this journey to research information, that I personally would be bothered by; I listened to Dick Gregory tell me, to control my emotions. He say’s if I cannot understand or combat an argument without my emotions getting involved, I really won’t make a difference, let alone be heard. The idea to remove emotions from journalism is what I have actually liked about freelance writing however; not one article that I have written has been published. And you can say, maybe I’m not a good writer and I’ll show you every comment for work that has been denied. Along with rejections, the comments from editors are; Great Work Crystal, just not what where looking for; or great work! I mean; you have so much passion and very great readability; just not the types of work were looking for. So, in my mind that say’s you’re too black. That is especially true when I find this article. Now the websites aren’t the same but, these types of articles are all I have seen. Not one publication; not black owned or operated has posts with great articles by black people about Black people. There are numerous articles and post by white people about black people but, not the other way around. Whites can speak on everything when it comes down to black people but, blacks can’t speak of themselves; let alone white people.  And I am not saying it does not exist; I am saying its far and few between like; black celebrities who win Oscars.

I am angry because everyday- I turn on TV, the radio, or my cell phone and someone is telling us black people, that racism no longer exist; it’s in our head and where tripping. And we argue back and forth and it goes nowhere and even though everyone knows it still exists, black people are labeled spoiled children with no thought. So, where seen as ignorant people because we believe something, exist but, it no longer exists. This is what America has us portrayed as, and it’s easy to believe until you find this article and I quote; “Why then are Blacks considered human? Why are Blacks and non-Blacks considered part of the same species? We could not look more different, act more different, or have more different personalities than them. There is a vast genetic divergence between Blacks and non-Blacks dating back 100,000 years. And even though Blacks and non-Blacks can have fertile offspring, biologically that has never been used as the exclusive standard for whether you belong to the same species or not.” Even if you remove emotions from reading this article, there is still enough information to make a logical judgment that, whoever is writing this; is a racist person. The information in this article is not only incorrect by the longest yard, its ignorant for them to speak it, let alone someone to publish.

I can go through almost every part of this article and give you facts that prove the author is ignorant and teaching or providing detail information to a public audience. First; the IQ test which is a test that was created by a “white man”; didn’t exist until the late 1800’s. the author states; “It is not a far cry to say it is IQ that makes humans better than animals, and it is the IQ that makes some humans better than other humans.” So, the usage of the IQ test, in this article is to prove that a “white man” created a test to establish a classification system for human intelligence. This test, which has nothing to do with actual science, is the first reason, that Blacks aren’t Human. Second, it states; “That’s not all though. Blacks are unique in that when we arrived,” I am going to assume “we” is referring to white people; “they had no written language, no wheel, no architectural works, nothing at all that would indicate they lived a human existence…” If this is not enough to prove the ignorance is epic; I can go on. It later says; “For the past 100,000 years non-Blacks have been spreading across the globe, building pyramids and cities, developing new technology, domesticating animals and crops, covering themselves in finely decorated clothing, and living essentially human lives. Blacks, meanwhile, stayed nearly naked, self-mutilating, technology-less, with no domesticated animals, no written language, no wheel, no stone buildings, no metalworking, nothing.” It should be obvious that I do not need to elaborate on this foolery that is this article but, it continues; “nothing existed in Africa…”; in the context that religion and everything man made that is used today didn’t come from Africa. As if Egypt somehow moved. I know that it may be hard to admit that Egypt is a part of Africa; I know that your movies and history will show maybe a difference but, Egypt has always been and always will be in Africa.

The author later states, “Virtually every other non-Black group came up with an admirable or at least interesting religion or philosophy which was recorded and taught to a priesthood… and Egypt authored the Book of the Dead. Only Black Africa (an assorted primitives in Australasia) hadn’t recorded or created any official religion or philosophy. Today it is questionable what Blacks could achieve on their own, without the intervention of others giving to them all the things they could never produce or maintain themselves.” This information is purely opinion and not factual, by no evidence. There is more evidence on the internet to prove this is merely a personal rant attack on Black People, versus a reasonable factual base article. Some may say that I am an angry black woman that went searching the internet to prove there is racism in America, by all means and you can check for yourself but, I am the last person that wants to admit that racism is still a problem. I am a firm believer that racism is by all means a symptom of bigger problem and this article supports that. My research is to prove that racism again, is only a by-product of a system of white supremacy and articles as such proves this information.

It is people like this author, that continues to elaborate the racism in America and then they turn and raise children with the same ideas, all the while, mentioning racism doesn’t exist. Black writers like me or Dr. Frances C. Welsing who recently passed, has been attacked many times for writing about how racism still works and hurts American citizens. I am not comparing Dr. Welsing work to mine; she was an amazing writer, philosopher and black leading woman. I have watch how, many white people attacked her for her beliefs and yet, this author is still working comfortably teaching our children; children she doesn’t accept as human, or she’s deceased and ghost writing from the grave, to express her true feelings regarding race. Black writers get denied and criticize when we publish work about racism or where not hired because we want to talk about reality. Dr. Frances was fired from a job when she released The ISIS Papers. And we need to make sure, that anyone teaching black students does not view them, in any way other than students, period. 


After speaking with Ms. Pennington; the author mentioned as the publisher of this article; I was informed that this work is not her work. Furthermore, as of this morning another article has been posted to this site using the same publisher. If there are any issues or concerns regarding the article or its author please see National Vanguard website- as it is a posted article which requires detail contact information for a published piece. I am responsible for all work written here (Rude Diary Blog) however; I am not responsible for misrepresentation on another website.

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