Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Is my opinion, better than yours?

      America is so diverse and the issues that affect us all; are pretty hurtful (such as-racism, immigration, terror and plain ole, discrimination). Every day we all walk around on pins and needles because we are afraid to say something. It is my belief that all of those issues mentioned above are a part of a greater problem that is intertwined in the hearts, souls and the soil of America. The only way to fix those problems; we need to attack the system at its heart and work from there. I personally believe this is the only place where the “Trickle Down Theory” will have some effect. In the next 15 years our children will inherit this mess and as their parents it is our job to make sure our children are able to experience the world at large; just as the original fore fathers created the “idea” of republic, for the people and by the people.

      My book, is called Black Racism/White Supremacy; the idea of this book stem from five years of observation, road trips, personal accomplishments and barriers to success, research (for all sections of the “issue”), personal evaluations and years of personal opinions. As a journalist the idea to create a story that can last for generations to come; is always a goal and that is ultimately the goal of this book and my journalism interest. I currently produce a personal blog, conduct freelance writing work and countless hours of reading and investigation however; no matter how much I research or how much I assume; I could never provide the perspective of a white person, Hispanic person or a male.

      I would like to work with you; on an on-going basis to facilitate “America’s Idea” from several points of view. If you know me personally there is no reason, you are not aware of my feelings and thoughts when it comes down to life in America. I am a writer; college educated, married; lesbian and Mother of one. A black proud woman, who comes from a less fortunate family and that within itself, is job to get through. As a little girl my Mother gave me a journal, to express my feelings without hesitation. I was 9 years old and that one journal turned into 17 journals, throughout my life. After graduating college and pressuring a career in social services; I went out into the world to gain everything I could, to facilitate “World Peace”. While on this path, I ran across; lust portrayed as Love; molestation as a child and the consent pressure to be better than my Mother. At age 27, I was the youngest person in my position, at the local government Human Service Department; the highest paid person in my entire family and the key too many people’s success. After 2011 when my Grannie passed away; my eyes opened to a different world.

      I begin reading more and stopped watching TV- did not come by so easy but, I did it and as things begin to align with my goals, I lost my Great Grandmother and my cousin, in 2012. The idea to write my autobiography came when one day- a memory of my Mother offering me to her boyfriend for sex; showed up in my sleep. It took everything out of me to hold this information in but, something told me- my mother wouldn’t be able to handle this. This idea became clear, in the spring of 2013 when my oldest Brother passed of HIV complications and no one knew he had it. My wife and I depleted our savings paying for his funeral and had to move in with my wife’s Mother. After we begin to rebuild our savings- my Mother passed away from a heart attack and everything else became irrelevant. I woke up one day and had no idea what to do with neither my life nor myself. My entire life was devoted to making sure I out did my Mother by, choice and by force. Everything I went after or attempt to complete- where all her desires, for me and once that was gone, all those things required became redundant. I noticed that my job within the government was to be a glorified baby sitter. I walked away from that income. I opened a non-profit organization, The Woodland Foundation; to help low-income individuals increase their education and professional advancement opportunity.
I can no longer sit back and allow people, to pass issues that will remain in our world-until we fix the problem and not the symptoms.

Please contact me via email, at ; if you are interested. 

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