Sunday, April 3, 2016

Find Your Truth

Today was not to be this day.  Today was not to give me the thoughts of ending my marriage and giving up on it all.  Thanks, to Yai; did not go there.  Waiting and waiting for the moment to alert the media or fill the presses, I have kept this story to a minimum however; it is eating at my soul.  Pain, hurt, disdain, lust, ANGER, SLOTH, DEPRESSION, SADNESS, broken, soiled, DAMAGED, RAVISHED, MANIPULATED, DISGUSTED, anguished and SORROW, are all the feelings, thoughts actions, that have replaced LOVE, LIFE, LIBERTY & HAPPINESS from my life.  Understanding the covenant Yai had with Joshua/Isaac, Joseph and Moses, allows me to NOW; understand, everything that has been put in my way and those things, I have placed in my own way!

The funniest thing, in life, is realizing the truth from fiction and not being able to move forward.  2011, was not just the year, the matriarch of my family died.  It was the year, MY ENTIRE WORLD BEGIN TO BLOW UP IN SMOKE.  My wife starting looking at You-Tube and she begin listening to Tarik Nasheed.  If you do not know who this person is, do some research?  She would tell me things but I was, sure, ok, mmhhh…  However, she never wavered.  As were talking one day; I remember the words so clearly; “All this shit, is blowing my mind, it’s like Christopher Columbus, all over again…”  I said, interrupting her “Christopher Columbus, what?”  I looked at her as if, she was a stranger; you know that look.  Not my Christopher Columbus; I was just at a cookout, for his Holiday.  She turns to me, “Um….You don’t know he didn’t discover America?”  My heart immediately stopped.  IT WAS NOT THAT HE DID NOT DISCOVER AMERICA; I MEAN THE INDIANS WERE HERE BUT IT WAS HOW SHE SAID IT.  As if to say, there is a lot of truth you do not know.  My heart was broken.  I did not do any research but it was forever ingrained in my head.  So when she begins taking Nasheed’s advice and using his information, to search for her own.  She ran across, “IN PLAIN SIGHT” and she showed it to me, I was astounded!

As everything in my personal life begins to fall apart, my world was falling apart as well.  I know for some of you, the news of Christopher Columbus, not discovering America; it is a shock wave but it was the package.  Moreover, how about, the Federal Reserve not being Federal anything; the bank, that takes our money, that makes our money, that insures our money, that loans us our money; they are not a part of the United States of America.  They have no affiliation with our federal government.  Not one part is associated with us as a people.  Our great president, Woodrow Wilson, said; himself – Now; these are his words, as he prepares to leave the office of president, which we put him in…  “I am a most unhappy man.  I HAVE UNWITTINGLY RUINED MY COUNTRY.  A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit.  Our system of credit is concentrated.  The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men.  We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated government in the civilized world.  No longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.”  Woodrow Wilson 1919.  The Federal Reserve Act signed by him and into America’s hearts, families, and lives in 1913.  Did you know that every incident that has brought America to the point of War has been a false flag incident? Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin and oh, please do not think 9/11/01 is something different.  Iraq and Afghanistan is fighting us back, because, they do not know what is going on.  Do you know, the pictures and footage shown to Iraq and Afghanistan, of 9/11; did not have planes?  The people living in those countries do not know about terrorist.  All they know is our buildings were blown up.  The people in those countries watched how somebody destroyed our buildings, cried for our people, sent money to help our people; lost some people themselves but, they never knew that supposedly, THEIR people, hijacked planes and did that to us.  They do not know about the hijackers.  They have no idea about the calls to the airport authority; they do not know that planes existed, in reference to 9/11/01.  All this took place and as they felt sorrow for us in their hearts, WE went over into their country and killed their men, boys and children; FOR NO REASON!!!!  Please explain to me why, they would continue to say, they do not understand, if they understand.  IT IS NOT BECAUSE THEY DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH!  THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND BECAUSE THEY DID NOT DO ANYTHING.

Please understand I lost my mind as well.  I tried and tried to find evidence, were each part of the story made since but it does NOT.  No part of the story makes since; when you tell me that it happened as they say it happened.  All of this information was hitting me repeatedly, everywhere I turned the truth was punching me in the face.  Then my Great-Grand Mother died and out of nowhere, my oldest brother dies.  As, I tried to put my personal life back together, in 2013 I begin to read about my Black History!!! About the things, they did not teach us in school.  The Moors and real Egyptian Kings and Queens.  I stop saying no or I do not like it and I started asking, well; what is it?  I begin reading the Bible, researching, Islam and Judaism.  For two 1/2 years, not only had I lost huge components of my family, I lost all hope for humanity.  It rocked me to the core to find out that I am an Israelite.  I am Yai’s, descendant of Isaac and I had no idea.  The people that provided me with my history tell me that I came from savages of Africans, which were sole by my own people for shinny things.  Never told, I am a part of the original humans of this planet.  I am descendant of the God you all worship and used against his people for years.  However, Yai was not done with me, just yet.

No!  Yai had to show me just how great he is!  On my last breath of good spirits and greatness, he took my lifeline, my Mother.  Even with all this information, I STILL DIDN’T FEEL LIKE I WAS WORTHY TO BE THE DAUGHTER OF YAI.  I COULD NOT FATHOM THAT THIS WORLD IS HERE FOR ME AND I WAS MAKING A MOCKERY OF HIS GIFT!  He took everything, I could fall back on for faith; so that all I had was he.  If I could NOT believe in anything else, I could believe that in everything he IS.  I have become that crazy person, who rants about the world coming to an end.  On the other hand, always talking about how bad it is or how “they” trying to take over us and this and that.  Well I will be that crazy person; I will be that crazy person, with a clean heart, mind, body, and soul.  I will talk about the good, when there is some good.  When I can wake up and turn on my TV and no one died.  Not that people will not die but, the news is the only place that repeats and repeats; people are dying.  If the news in other countries were not so happy, I would not think ours is over doing it.  The same amount of people die, in other countries but their news is not, ONLY talking about death, danger, and terrorist.  All my friends that watch the news, to my amazement are more scary then I. There always, girl, it is going storm; or girl you know they were shooting over there last night.  Now mind you, I just left from around where they were shooting, yesterday. Of course, it is bad that everything is back to normal; much over, it does not seem like anybody died to me; random people are not walking around shooting people.  If you watch the news and believe the news, we should never be outside in SE.  The news had me so scared to walk through Congress Park when I was a little girl; I mean serious, ask my family.  That is the only time in my life, which I took the long way around.  It had me so scared, I thanked God my friend stayed on the corner, because I never would have went to her house.  However, one day, I walked through the neighborhood and it was just people.  I mean all the dudes were a little rough but that was because I would not stop and talk to them.  Nevertheless, it was just like any other place.  I was scared for nothing.  If they could do that to me and my house was literally two blocks from Congress Park; imagine what everyone else, outside of DC thought about SE.

I am not a preacher however, I find myself preaching because I need people to hear me.  If you doubt anything you have read, DO NOT JUST PAST IT OFF, LOOK IT UP FOR YOURSELF.  FIND YOUR TRUTH!!!!  Start here… 

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