Sunday, October 4, 2015

How Dare You

      It is totally the governments fault, that this guy committed this crime; for not having stricter laws against guns and gun ownership. This, according to the father of the gunman from the Oregon school shooting; Thursday, October 1, 2015. 

      He takes no blame for raising a child that would commit a massacre? Sure America needs to do something about its gun laws but, how did YOUR son acquire the idea to kill?

      As parents we are the first teachers to our children. We are the first people that make memorable impressions on our children and can do the most damage or greatness in that child’s life. At some point, we have to let those children that we raise, go; let them go into the world and hope that everything we taught them comes out better, better than we could have imagine. When an accomplishment is made by one of or all of our children, we want nothing more than credit for raising such a great person however; on the other side we never want to take the credit for raising this child if they accomplish a criminal or dangerous behavior or lifestyle.

      The father of this guy who committed this insane act against this community; needs to accept his part in that contribution to society.  I do not hate him, or his family; nor do I wish any harm or condemn them. Also, hope that this truth allows some obviously much needed healing in that family. As a member of society, with an opinion, I find it hard to believe that this tragedy was caused by the government and its lack of control over the guns in America. Do we need to do more damage control, when it comes down to gun control: Yes! Background checks, less production, real border control and stricter gun laws. Sure, it plays a part but, have we all forgotten that America is really one big ass community. We all play a part in this world, in the order that it was designed by the Great Divine! This father created, the son that committed the crime. My mother created the hurt woman that is climbing out of the ashes; learning and living and contributing knowledge, opinion and truth to her community. Just as the mother of President Lincoln, created the son that would become the President that freed the Slaves. Not comparing, this guy or myself to President Lincoln but, we all have parts in this community; in this world.

      Each and every one of us, remember moments in America, where we were when these event's happen. Majority of those moments are committed by people - we individually do not know at all but, they spark a change in the dynamic of the world, the course of the plan we or “you” thought you had. 9/11 brought more families together than anyone will ever know. Trayvon Martin brought a lot of families to their knees and the first Black President, elated the black race and culture. Things will happen, life will happen; what will be, will be. Your job is to use the greatest tools available to reach the high. Not heaven but, the high enlightenment, the divine.

      To understand your purpose and go after it with every strength in your body. You can then, put forth this purpose to raise up your family and community. We are all connected - were one of us ends, another one of us begins. 

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